TV heartthrob Ssharad Malhotra experiments with his look

Indian television heartthrob Ssharad Malhotra can even make dorky look hot! The actor has constantly impressed his fans with his looks, and now the chocolate boy of TV has made his fans happy one more time.

The actor recently did a photo-shoot where he looked simply dashing. Dressed in casual wear with retro round glasses and a book in his hand, Malhotra brings out the perfect definition of a good-looking good boy.

“I wanted to try something different and the washroom setting was amazing. It added to the appeal of the pictures. I am glad with how the pictures have turned out. I have been getting a great response to the pictures,” says Ssahrad.

The actor has a few versions of the pictures and all we can say is that he has won our hearts with all of them.

“I hope my fans have loved the pictures as much as I have. I have been really excited about how they would turn out to,” he says.