Sanjay Leela Bhansali: I’d love to remake Khamoshi and Saawariya

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of the finest filmmakers that we have today in Indian cinema. He has wowed the audience with a series of magnificent films which transport us to another world created by him with so much panache and perfection.

However, like any other moviemaker across the world, Bhansali too have a few unsuccessful films to his credit. His filmography includes a total of 8 films, out of which 6 have been hits at the box office while two films, namely Khamoshi: The Musical (1996), and Saawariya (2007) failed to mint money at the cash counter. But despite their box office failure, these two films are very close to Bhansali’s heart and the director says that he would like to have another go at making them again.

Khamoshi: The Musical and Saawariya are two of my most favourite films. The fact that they didn’t get wide commercial success could have a bearing on my partiality towards them. I’d love to re-make them and correct the mistakes. What mistakes? That shall remain with me until I do these film again,” Bhansali explained to an Indian daily.

Bhansali’s last release was Padmaavat which did a phenomenal business at the box office despite facing a flurry of protests by some fringe groups and a ban in five states across India. The ace filmmaker says that a director should always focus on the film that he wants to make rather than how much money it will mint at the box office.

“We give too much attention to numbers at the box office. Rather than making the films we want to, we are constantly looking at what works at the box office. If I had thought of the box office I wouldn’t have made Padmaavat. It has none of the so-called ingredients of a box office success. And I dared to cast one of our most successful young stars as a villain. If I had thought of box office, I’d have never made Khamoshi: The Musical and Saawariya,” he explained.

Bhansali is expected to join hands with superstar Shah Rukh Khan for his next directorial venture.