Kriti Sanon: I think having a family is just a beautiful commitment

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Kriti Sanon revealed about her expectations when it comes to the qualities of her ideal man. Kriti said in an interview with a leading Indian daily, “It is a long list. First and foremost, I have to be in love with that person, which means he needs to be honest and loyal. I should be able to have great conversations with that person and we should find happiness even in silences. He has to be respectful to everyone and being a good human being is everyone‘s criteria. Also, he has to love kids.”

Speaking about the thing that she would never support in a relationship, she said, “Infidelity! Never ever… Honesty and loyalty are very, very important to me; maybe, even more than love. Because, if you’re not honest, I’ll be more insecure and then there will be problems. If my partner cheats, it would be over. How can you be in a relationship if you’re sleeping around? You’ve to be in a relationship only if you love that person and it’s worth it. Cheating would mean there’s no love. Even if you‘re in love and you still do it, that love will slowly fade away.”

Talking about her opinion on marriage, Kriti said, “I believe in the institution of marriage. I feel it’s beautiful. But again, I’m someone who can’t understand the logic of arranged marriages. For me, to be married to someone, it would mean that I am at least committing to live my whole life with that person, so I need to be madly in love with him first. Otherwise, I think having a family is just a beautiful commitment. There are marriages that last for a lifetime and you see these old couples holding hands, still in love — it’s inspiring. You want your life to be like that.”

On the professional front, Kriti will be next featured in Arjun Patiala opposite Diljit Dosanjh. The shooting of the movie has begun today in Chandigarh.