Celebrating Britain's 101 Most Influential Asians 2024

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Amol Rajan


FOR many people in public life, broadcaster Amol Rajan is a familiar face. He is one of the country’s foremost figures in both radio and television. Mostly but not exclusively employed by the BBC, he has several TV shows and a prominent radio slot as one of a handful of top line interviewers on the BBC Radio 4’s flagship daily news programme, Today. He is also one of the broadcasters’ highest paid – earning in the range of £335,000- £339,000 as indicated in the most recent official pay disclosures made in July 2023. He was 15th in the overall list and he was employed to present, besides Today, Radio 4’s ReThink, Amol Rajan Interviews (BBC2), TV documentaries (unspecified), and was the station’s media editor until December 2022. On paper alone, this is hugely impressive and his most recent prominent gig, if we can call it that, is not even listed in the BBC Pay, which is published alongside the corporation’s annual report. It was announced in 2022 that he was to take over the reins of University Challenge – the undergraduate quiz programme, which is broadcast by BBC2 but produced by the independent ITV Studios, commercially. Programmes made by independent production companies are not covered by the public BBC pay register. His time at University Challenge has already been welcomed but considering its only two other presenters lasted more than 20 years – some might say it was too early to be utterly conclusive on the matter. One phrase of his from the show has already gone viral and these days that is enough to suggest he is a figure of cultural power. But to appreciate his influence you have to look more extensively at the range and scope of his work for the BBC – his main employer. Though

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