Celebrating Britain's 101 Most Influential Asians 2020

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Apurva & Alka Bagri


APURV and Alka Bagri complement each other perfectly in their public duties.

Apurv, president and CEO of Metdist, the non-ferrous metals group, concerns himself mainly with education as chairman of governors at the London Business School.

Meanwhile, Alka looks after the arts as the “totally hands on” trustee of the family’s charitable wing, the Bagri Foundation.Apurv’s thinking encapsulates what Eastern Eye’s GG2 Power List is all about: “Those fortunate enough to succeed, whether in monetary terms or in terms of their power and influence, have the capacity to make a real difference. Doing so in selfless ways and without agenda is what separates the grandstanders from those for whom giving back is a part of their lives.”His wife reveals that she is making radical changes at the Bagri Foundation, moving it away from engaging only in Indian or British Asian activities to innovative cultural influences from anywhere and everywhere.Once, she was comfortable doing traditional Indian or south Asian events because this was what she was familiar with.

These are not being dumped, but she is now making much more of an effort in opening up the Bagri Foundation to global contemporary cultures.“I can’t box myself into just India,” she declares.

“I never wanted to slot myself as Indian only or British Indian only. I don’t want the foundation to be identified as just Indian. If you ask me who my target audience is today, it is absolutely anybody who is interested in seeing something new, learning how art is used to express matters of importance.”However, “contemporary visual art is one of our main themes going forward”.

She also says that “a lot of the projects we are doing have some social relevance – sustainability, impact, what are people doing in these fields, how are they expressing it through art?”She has

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