PM Narendra Modi movie review: Prime Minister Narendra Modi surely deserves a much better biopic

Disclaimer: We respect Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his achievements. The views in the below review are just for the film and not for the PM personally.

Starting the movie review with a disclaimer was important as people get quite sentimental nowadays. Coming to the biopic, PM Narendra Modi, the film is directed by Omung Kumar and stars Vivek Oberoi as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After a lot of hullabaloos, the film has finally hit the screens. So, ‘how’s the movie?’ ‘boring sir!’.

The movie showcases the journey of Narendra Damodardas Modi, a tea seller who one day becomes the Prime Minister of India. Of course, PM Modi’s journey is quite inspiring, but this inspiring journey deserved a better biopic. PM Narendra Modi is just an example of a lazy writing and sloppy narration. Omung Kumar fails to come up with a good biopic on the man who is one of the biggest names in the politics right now.

Problem with the movie is that from the first scene itself they wanted to show PM Modi as a superhero. He has no flaws; he is the perfect man on this earth. We are sure PM Modi too did some mistakes in his life, but here the makers have concentrated on showing him as someone who is always right and has a heart of gold. Maybe the makers wanted to give a tribute to PM Modi, but they have failed miserably.

By the way, there’s also a scene where Narendra Modi in his younger days is talking to an Army officer, who tells him that one day they want someone to give them a free hand so they can go and kill terrorists in Pakistan, referring to the surgical strikes that happened in the past few years. Well, there’s also a lot of opposition party bashing in the film which was not required. A couple of times the makers have taken digs at a former Prime Minister of the opposition party and it looked disrespectful after a point.

The biggest disappointing factor in the film is Vivek Oberoi. He is not at all good as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Manoj Joshi and Zarina Wahab are good actors but have nothing great to do in this film. Boman Irani as Ratan Tata doesn’t impress.

Overall, PM Narendra Modi is a bad film. Prime Minister Narendra Modi surely deserves a better biopic.

Ratings: 1/5

P.S. After watching this movie, I wonder if meeting a Chief Minister is so easy as the common people of Gujarat got to meet their CM quite often and very easily.

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