My top 10 movies – Henry Penzi

Henry Penzi
Henry Penzi

Greece: It was a great musical that kept you entertained throughout and made you want to be a part of it. It is a joyous big-screen adaptation of a stage musical, which has iconic songs and remains popular with audiences over 40 years later. Even if you haven’t seen the film, you will have heard at least one of the songs.

The Fighter: It was a great experience working with Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in the film. Just being a part of the amazing team on this very good movie is something I will never forget. It was a powerful story that needed to be told and featured stand-out performances from the lead cast. This film deserved all the praise it received and more.

Ted: This superb comedy made you laugh from beginning to end and it was great fun being part of it. It kept you in tune with the whole world that was created and full credit for that goes to the creative team behind this very original offering.

The Godfather: The legendary film keeps you engaged and just thinking from beginning to end. It shows how gangsters worked in that past era and has some of the greatest performances in the history of cinema.

Transformers: It was a wonderful movie for kids and I thought it was a good departure for (director) Michael Bay. It was a great franchise he started with this good family movie, which became an unstoppable juggernaut at the box office.

Hell On The Border: A forthcoming movie I have produced is a good western with a strong story. I have always been a big John Wayne fan, so wanted to make a movie in the western genre and this story about a black sheriff needed to be told, I feel. I think audiences will really enjoy the movie.

The Perfect Storm: This film I was proud to be a part of is based on a true story about a commercial fishing vessel that was lost at sea. It is an amazing film and real a tearjerker with standout performances from the amazing cast, including George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg.

Lone Survivor: This is another powerful film based on a true story, which I was privileged to work on. It is about a young man who lost his friends at war and battled against the odds to survive. It’s based on a very good book that tells you about the horrors of war and I thought Mark Wahlberg was outstanding in the lead role.

The Wizard Of Oz: It is a great family movie I grew up watching as a kid. I think most people have seen it and were entertained by it during their childhood. The fact that it remains an entertaining piece of cinema 80 years later is a huge tribute to all those who were involved in this timeless classic.

License To Drive: This 1980s teen comedy starred my two very good friends Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. It was one of the first movie projects I was involved with working on set and was hugely entertaining. A lot of great memories are attached to this film.

Henry Penzi is an actor and producer based in Los Angeles with a number of film and TV projects on the way, including Hell On The Border