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Gopi Hinduja & family


GOPI HINDUJA and his younger brother, Prakash, have been talking to the GG2 Power List about how they are going about securing the future of the family business. While their eldest brother, Srichand Hinduja, was alive, he held the family together by the sheer force of his personality. The family motto was very Indian: “Four brothers, one soul.” But when he died on May 17, 2023, aged 87, the sole responsibility for leading the group fell on Gopi, who is 84 and headquartered in London. To be sure, he shares the burden with his brothers, Prakash, who is 78 and divides his time between Geneva and Monaco, and the youngest, Ashok, who is 73 and lives in Mumbai. The three brothers constitute the second generation of the business which was founded by their father, Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja. He was born in Shikarpur in Sind (now in Pakistan) on November 25, 1901, and began the family business when he moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1914. London became the centre of the family’s empire after the Iranian revolution of 1979 when the brothers had to uproot from Teheran, where the Hindujas were flourishing under the Shah. At one point, when there was an onion and potato famine in Iran, the Hindujas rescued a desperate Shah by providing the consignment from India. But transporting the lorry loads was tricky because of the politics of India, Pakistan and Iran. “We have always followed the commitment, policies and vision of our parents,” said Gopi. “We always try and create a bridge between the host country and India.” Spanning across continents, the Hinduja group has diversified its businesses in the fields of “mobility, digital technology, media, entertainment & communications, infrastructure project development, lubricants & specialty chemicals, energy, real estate and healthcare.” Their empire now comprises

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