1. Phantom – Homefront

The poster of Kabir Khan’s Phantom, starring Katrina Kaif and Saif Ali Khan, seems to be inspired by the poster of Homefront. The screenplay of the film Phantom has been written in coordination with author Hussain Zaidi’s book Mumbai Avengers on the aftermath of 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

2. Baahubali -Simon Birch

Baahubali and Simon Birch film posters have the similar resemblances except for few changes. In Bahubali poster a lady raising a kid with a single hand in the middle of the river, in Simon Birch poster also the baby was seen raising with two hands by a man in the middle of the river. The film was made on a budget of ₹180 crore (US$27 million), making it the most expensive Indian film at its time of release. The film opened worldwide on 10 July 2015, garnering critical acclaim and record-breaking box office success.

3. Murder 3-Jennifer’s Body

Inspiration comes in many forms and it can be seen in the poster of Vishesh Films’ Murder 3 which is startlingly similar to the poster of the horror comedy Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. This is the third instalment in the series and unlike its predecessors; this edition is an official remake – of the Colombian thriller The Hidden Face.

4. Rowdy Rathore- The Replacement Killers

Rowdy Rathore is an action film starring Akshay Kumar whose poster is copied from The Replacement Killers. Rowdy Rathore marks the return of Akshay Kumar in the action genre after seven years. Made on a budget of ₹450 million (US$6.7 million), released on 1 June 2012 on 2700 screens worldwide.

5. Ra.One- Batman Begins

Shah Rukh Khan’s superhero film poster was an exact rip-off of famous Hollywood film Batman Begins. Ra.One was the most expensive Indian film at the time of release. The producers spent ₹150 crore (equivalent to ₹220 crore or US$33 million in 2017) out of a ₹52 crore (equivalent to ₹76 crore or US$11 million in 2017) marketing budget, which involved a nine-month publicity campaign, brand tie-ups, merchandise, video games and viral marketing.