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“Working on yourself to become a better human being is what’s beautiful,” says actress Ruhi Singh

Ruhi Singh (Photo credit: Picture Perfect Communications)

By: Mohnish Singh

By: Mohnish Singh

Multifaceted: If there is one word that can perfectly describe Ruhi Singh, that would be it. She is many things rolled into one – an actress, model, influencer, beauty pageant winner, sports enthusiast, and spiritualist.

Singh can be currently seen in MX Player’s recently launched show Chakravyuh (2021), also starring Prateik Babbar and Simran Kaur Mundi. While Chakravyuh is still busy amassing praises and positive reviews, the actress is now looking forward to the premiere of her next streaming show Runaway Lugai, directed by Avinash Das.

In conversation with Eastern Eye, Ruhi Singh tells us about her forthcoming series Runaway Lugai, how she came down to choosing acting as her profession when she had so many other talents under her belt, what she would like to see change regarding beauty standards in India, her next projects, and much more.

Tell us something about your forthcoming streaming show Runaway Lugai?

It is a project which I cannot talk about much right now. But what all I can say is that it is something unexpected and I have never played anything like that before. The audience is going to see a completely new side of me.

How is working in web space different from working in movies?

Honestly speaking, working in web space does not have much of a difference than working in movies. At least, that’s the case with me. I do all my work with the same dedication. Whatever project I take up I try to give my 100 per cent. But at the same time, I am a director’s actor. I always need my director to direct me. In real life, I might be a leader, but in reel life, I like to follow my director.

How do you feel seeing yourself on screen after you have completed a project?

It feels unreal. It feels really good, especially when the audience likes your work and the project that you have done in its entirety. When my show Chakravyuh came out and I got really good reviews, I was so happy because, you know, I had put in so much hard work into it. When it comes to emotions, playing my character Sagarika in Chakravyuh, I had given it my all. I had no inhibitions whatsoever. I just wanted to play it real. And I am so happy and satisfied when everybody noticed that and liked my performance. I think that’s the real prize when your performance is appreciated.

Apparently, you wanted to be a singer, how did acting happen to you then?

No, I wanted to be a lot of things when I was growing up. I am someone who had varied interests and a lot of passions. I loved adventure sports. Yes, I enjoy singing, dancing, and martial arts too. There are lots of things that I enjoy. Acting just happened very naturally because you know when I got the taste of it, I realised and zeroed in on the fact that this is my real passion which is why I decided to do this because I love the art and craft of acting.

How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to pursue acting as a career?

Of course, like any parents, they were a bit unsure and warmed me that this stream of career was uncertain, more uncertain than other careers and that if I was willing to take that risk. I told them that I was totally willing to do this and take the risk and that this is what makes me happy. Afterwards, they totally supported me. They have always supported me. My parents are the biggest support that I have and I think all parents out there should get inspired by my parents because they set a perfect example of how you should be raising a daughter.

You have participated in a couple of beauty pageants. Is there anything you would like to see change regarding beauty standards in India?

Yes, I have participated in a lot of pageants and they have been amazing exposure for me. I am super grateful to the Miss India Organisation because they give you a beautiful and strong platform to pursue your dreams.

When it comes to beauty standards in India, I think things are changing slow and steady. It is not about competition. I am talking about a little change in the general mentality of the general public. I think, first of all, all beauty and fairness creams should be banned. Just changing the name of a fairness brand is not going to do the trick. We all need to stop being obsessed with a particular colour of skin, or a particular colour of eyes. We need to start being more diverse in our whole outlook towards what we perceive as beautiful. I believe everyone is beautiful. Also, what is there inside you and your brain matters. What you have achieved matters. What are your talents and how hard you work to support your family matter. That’s beautiful. Working on yourself to become a better human being is what is beautiful. It does not even matter what flesh looks like because it is all going to disappear one day.

Have you ever been replaced in any project at the last moment?

Yes, of course, I have been replaced plenty of times. It’s extremely heartbreaking because you work so hard to get a gig. And a lot of times it happens so that I fit so perfectly in those projects. There are times when the director really sees that potential in you and he really wants you in the project but the producer has someone else in mind. There are times when the casting director thinks you are perfect but things did not work out. So, yes, that has happened to me plenty of times. But I am always happy that at least I got shortlisted. That gives you hope that maybe I am good enough and that I have it in me. I think if you believe in yourself, you will definitely make it. Persistence is the key.

Apart from acting, what else are you passionate about?

Apart from acting, I am passionate about a lot of things. I am passionate about spirituality. I am following a lot of self-improvement courses. I really believe that how we update our software on phones and computers, as a human being, it is extremely essential to keep on upgrading. So, I think it is important to work on your mind. Exercise your mind the way you exercise your body. I like to read books. These days I am reading Sapience. I also love adventure sports. They make me super happy. I am a complete mountain girl. I have no fear. I love skiing. That is definitely one of my passions and I hope I become so good that I get to participate in national soon. I am passionate about living a good life, in general.

What has been your learning from this pandemic?

Well, this pandemic has taught me that nothing is certain in life and do not take things for granted because you do not realise what you are missing till you lose it. This is why it is always crucial to cherish the good times that you are having. And I have started liking my own company a lot more.

What else is in store for you?

There are a lot of things. I will be travelling to the US very soon for a very exciting opportunity. I am looking forward to that. There is a film happening. All I am doing is working, hoping and praying that this whole pandemic situation gets better and we all could shoot with restrictions keeping all safety measures in mind. I hope the audience likes all my work.

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