Suyyash Rai: When I look back to where I’ve come from, I realise I’ve come a long way!

Actor-singer Suyyash Rai has just released his first single Beparwaiyan. Here, he talks about the single and what made him take a plunge into music. He also talks about the support he got from his wife Kishwar Merchant in achieving his dream.

How did you get inclined towards music? Please share in detail.

I am inclined towards music since my school days. But when I came to Mumbai after Splitsvilla, I got busy with the acting career. Once I went to my friend’s restaurant launch and they had karaoke there with many celebrities from the music industry. I remember I sang the song “Phir Mohabbat” from Murder 2 and everybody praised me then and told me that I am great. So then in 2014, my first video Khushnuma was released. My friend Siddharth Singh, a young guitarist from Gwalior, and I made the video possible. I was very happy with my acting career but I was not satisfied. Music gave me this satisfaction. Siddharth and I made some good music happen together and I have never been so happy.

Tell us something about Beparwaiyan? Before this how many singles have you come up with?

Beparwaiyan is my first original composition as a music director. Khushnuma was the first video, but I just sang it, the composition and lyrics were not mine. I also have done many other covers like Aye Mere Humsafar, Dilko Tumse Pyaar Hua and many more. But yes, Beparwihaan is the first original composition. It has all the elements and genres spiced up in it. A lover, as well as a heartbroken person, can listen to the song. It has both the elements, love and sadness. The lyrics are kind of heavy; it is an upbeat dark song. It is very close to my heart. I believe that our music talks a lot about us, like what kind of people we are.

Please talk about Siddharth Singh and his contribution to the single.

He is my backbone. The music, that we make, would not have been possible without him. He is 22-year-old, talented guitarist from Gwalior. We have composed almost 50 songs together and I got to learn so much from him. I can make my own music now with his inputs of course. I compose a song and he polishes it. In fact, his song “Kaise Teri Baatein”, is one of the best songs I have heard and I am not saying it because it is mine. It is just a wonderful composition. I am sure it will break all records when it will be released.

How much is Kishwar is involved in your music?

She is my other backbone. Her support is the most important thing that has kept me going for so long. We opened our music studio in the house and since then she has been so supportive. I have been very busy, but she has never nagged me for not spending time with her or giving her the time she needs. When Beparwihaan released, she said that she is very proud of me and all my efforts have been worth it. I think more than a wife, she is my best friend.

What are your plans now in music? Any dream related to music that you want to pursue.

All my dreams are related to music now. When Siddharth and I first started working, many people demotivated us and said that our work is not good and that actually encouraged us to work harder. The best compliment I have got till now for my music is that I have completed the work that was left unfulfilled in my last birth. People say my music has a soul. I have 15-20 more videos lined up now. We are also shooting for Beparwihaan 2 poster, which we will release in Punjab. The song will be produced under a big banner there. We are also going to make a prequel, which we will call #Pardesi, it will be a pure Hindi song. This will be the first time in history that something like this will happen in the music video – a sequel and prequel.

You did a role in Pehredaar Piya Ki. What about your acting career? You want to balance acting and career as a singer? Which you enjoy more singing or acting?

Yes, I want to balance both acting and singing. I want to work in Punjabi films. Also, my aim is to become a music director. I want to reach that level where people will talk my work along with the great music directors.

You have come a long way career-wise. Comment.

In the end, I am a human being. I will never be satisfied. When you are in this industry, the hunger for working more makes you successful. Yes, when I look back to where I have come from, I realise that I have come a long way. My mom and dad have sacrificed so much for me and my sister that it is uncountable. Basic needs, like this one time I wanted shoes and my mom got them for me when she had saved the money for something else. So I feel this is the time when I want to give them back. I want to see them happy. I would like to take them for a world tour, visit all the beautiful places with them, work hard for them, see their smiling faces and just have that happy and satisfied life myself.