Celebrating Britain's 101 Most Influential Asians 2024

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Mohit Bakaya


TO MANY, the typical Radio 4 listener is white, 55-plus and in the ABC socioeconomic group – fond of marketeers and those types. In other words, bright, fairly establishment and the stereotype of a Brit who wants to know what is going on in the world. Its controller – the person responsible for the entire output – fits the demographic to a tee… Except… Mohit Bakaya is south Asian and in 2019 was appointed the first person of colour to run a network radio station in the corporation’s 100-year history. More than that, in May 2022, he was promoted to his current position – director of speech. And speaking to the GG2 Power List, Bakaya could not help being proud of the achievements his colleagues – and it is incredibly important to him that they share the credit – and he that 2023 was an “amazing” year for speech radio. “We won station of the year, which is a huge accolade because the ARIAs are the main audio awards in this country. We’ve won over 70 awards for programmes in our speech area, both in Radio 4, and Five Live. Just bringing all the speech content into one commissioning team has been really exciting, and we’ve have some amazing commissioners. Programmes like I’m Not a Monster, The Shamima Begum story, which has won countless awards, and Call Jonathan Pie, really broke through for us in comedy.” He believes his Radio 4 team did the hard groundwork into the Post Office Horizon scandal: in 2020, they did a 10-part series on it. “We did the journalism. We’re just starting to really build an audience on [BBC] Sounds and on digital for our podcasts. Most of our stuff is in the top 10 of all BBC Sounds most listened to content. So,

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