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Krishnan Guru-Murthy


HAVING spent more than 25 years in mainstream journalism, presenter-journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy is effortless when it comes to confronting big political beasts and even bigger celebrity egos. After a recent stint in the dance reality TV show that is the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, he now seems ready to broaden his wings and fly a little lighter. A face that is now synonymous with Channel 4, thanks to a decade spent on the channel’s flagship Evening News at 7pm and the its mid day summary, Guru-Murthy also presents Un reported World on Channel 4, covering stories from around the world, and also fronts Channel 4 News’ podcast Ways to Change the World. As the media moves from analogue to digital, and from being broadly reliable (in its old format) to being constantly vulnerable to fake content and doctored images, Guru-Murthy takes his job of “live fact-checker” very seriously. The starkest change he observes in his inter views concerns accuracy as politicians now (post-2015) are saying things that are “baldly untrue: barefaced, to your face, they will tell you stuff that isn’t true. And they will say it in a very convinced way”. In his words, he is not “friends with politicians”, barring one exception and that is John Nicolson, an SNP MP whose job Guru-Murthy inherited when he worked on Newsnight. While political discussions continue to remain close to his heart, foreign reporting has always interested him. This is also one of the major reasons for not leaving Channel 4, as it routinely has “this tradition of sending the an chors out to do journalism”. The year 2023 can easily be said to have opened a new chapter for Guru-Murthy as we saw a newer, fitter version of him on our screens but in a totally different avatar. Over one

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