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Ayesha Vardag


LAST October, the family law firm Vardags launched a unique initiative to identify the ‘brightest legal minds’ among students across the UK. The goal of the essay competition was to underscore the significance of injecting fresh creativity and energy into the legal profession. Vardags, specialising in high net worth and international complex cases, is led by Ayesha Vardag, widely renowned as ‘Britain’s top divorce lawyer.’ The firm focuses on high-end divorce and family law, international and high net-worth individuals, and leads a team of top notch lawyers. According to Vardag, there is a need for individuals with brilliant minds and innovative thinking, unencumbered by rigid preconceptions to come into the legal profession.

To foster this spirit, the firm trains its own graduates right from their entry into the professional world. “Give us the raw material, the brilliant mind, and we will give you the tools and infrastructure to make you a leader of the field. And with that, the capacity to make real change in our society,” she says. Vardag has been involved in several high profile cases that have helped to change the legal landscape for women in the UK. One such is the landmark case of Radmach er v. Granatino, which established a new principle in English law that prenuptial agreements should be given weight in divorce proceedings. Vardag has also fought for the introduction of the ‘no fault’ divorce, which has come into force in the UK and Wales. Born in Oxford to an English mother and a Pakistani father, Vardag grew up with limited contact with her father, who returned to Paki stan when she was young. Raised by her single mother, she pursued a law degree at Cam bridge University. Initially working in financial and commercial law in London, Ayesha established Vardags in 2005. Her

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