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Reeta Chakrabarti


DURING the Covid-19 pandemic, BBC broadcaster Reeta Chakrabarti has been the main presenter for numerous Downing Street press briefings on the crisis.

She says getting the facts and tone right were of the utmost importance at the beginning as there was a huge audience. Chakrabarti also reported on the effect the Covid19 crisis had on the Union, and whether it means more devolution to the English regions.

Besides extensive reporting on the pandemic, she also reported on the Black Lives Matter movement, and the renewed attempt in Oxford to take down the statue of the imperialist Cecil Rhodes. Chakrabarti took an active role within the BBC over some of the issues thrown up by the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The past 12 months have been exceptional for everyone, because of Covid19. But during this time, I have reported from around the UK on issues facing voters before the General Election. On Election Night itself, December 12, 2019, I was one of the number-crunchers in the BBC studios, bringing audiences analysis throughout the night,” Chakrabarti tells the GG2 Power List, about her experience last year.

As a frontline broadcaster, Chakrabarti has done a lot of stories about migration and refugees, going three times over 2017-2018 to Bangladesh to report on the Rohingya crisis, including once with prime minister Boris Johnson when he was the foreign secretary.

She also reported extensively on the Mediterranean migrant crisis in 2016-2017, when migrants from Africa were risking their lives, making the dangerous crossing to Europe in flimsy vessels supplied by people smugglers. In 2017, she went to Albania to report on the trafficking of women to the UK.

The same year, Chakrabarti reported on the 70th anniversary of Independence, on August 14, from Lahore, and August 15, from Amritsar, focusing especially on the consequences of

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