Exclusive – Not all heroes wear capes

HRITHIK ROSHAN ON PORTRAYING INSPIRING MATHS GENIUS AND EDUCATIONALIST ANAND KUMAR by ASJAD NAZIR Mathematician Anand Kumar, with his path-breaking Super 30 programme, made a massive difference to the lives of underprivileged kids wanting to learn. The inspiring story of how he went from humble beginnings to becoming a globally-renowned educationalist who helped countless youngsters battle against the odds is brought to life in uplifting film Super 30. Hrithik Roshan has transformed himself to play Anand Kumar in a film that already looks as if it will inspire, entertain and make a big difference to society. The popular star returns to the big screen after two and a half years with a film he is clearly proud of. Eastern Eye caught up with Hrithik to talk about the Super 30 journey, his school days and master plan going forward. Today, how are you selecting film projects you do? I believe that the process has remained the same for me. Right from the start of my career, the script of the project has been extremely important and till date, it serves as the significant criteria before I sign any film. Simple as that. Tell us, do you get nervous before a movie release? Honestly, I try not to get disappointed with the results of any of my movies at the box office. I try and do my best in all my roles and after a while, you get a sense of awareness, you develop a sort of sixth sense that prepares you for the outcome too, which I think has helped give me peace of mind regardless of how a movie fares. What did you like about Super 30? It’s the real-life story of a man who fought against the odds to work for those 30 children year after year. Anand Kumar’s story inspired me, and I…

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