My top ten: Aisha Amir

Aisha Amir
Aisha Amir

INSPIRATION is all around us if we take a moment out of our busy lives to look. With that in mind here are 10 things that inspire me and have helped make me the person I am today.

Life: First and foremost life is a precious gift that we have all been given. We should get inspired by the time gifted to us to do things we love and make a positive difference if at all possible. Love life and appreciate all the blessing life has given you.

Mother: The person who has always been the biggest inspiration in my life has been by wonderful mother. I have learned so many life lessons from her including kindness, compassion, discipline, never giving up and treating others how you would want them to treat you. She also keeps me grounded and is always there in times of need.

The elderly: Those who have gone before us will teach us the greatest life lessons. They have lived life, overcome challenges and have so many inspirational stories. Elders also inspire me to be a good person and to value the time I have. We can only move forward if we learn lessons from the past and our wonderful elders are a great starting point for this.

Writing: How can great writing not inspire you? Whether it is a beautiful book, historical texts, a simple poem or a song, writing has inspired people for thousands of years and continues to do that today. If you don’t read books, then there is wisdom on social media and words in your head that can put down on paper.

Love: This is perhaps the most beautiful emotion because it inspires us to become better people and do something selfless for someone else. Love doesn’t just have to be between a couple, but can be for family, friends and strangers in need. Love will heal the rifts that exist in this world and ultimately inspire all of us to come together as one.

Failure: We should celebrate the successes in our life, but shouldn’t forget about the failures. It is the wrong turns, disappointments, betrayals, scars and misfires that ultimately make us stronger. They inspire us to work harder and appreciate the wins when they arrive. Failure is only a blessing if you learn a lesson from it.

Self expression: We can all express ourselves in some way. Whether through social media, makeup, fashion, personality or many other things, self expression enables us to communicate in a unique way. It’s like being given a blank canvas and colours to fill it with whatever shades we desire. So express yourself. Do it loud and be proud.

Charity: If you can’t help everyone then start by helping one person. Doing a selfless deed will not only empower you, but will lift someone else up and get you blessings from the all-seeing universe. I believe everyone can make a positive difference and that is an inspiring thought just by itself.

The internet: The web isn’t just about cute cat videos, selfies and getting likes on social media. There is an endless supply of useful information you can gain knowledge from, including countless inspirational quotes, stories of beating the odds and caring people trying to make the world a better place.

Happiness: Last but not least, being happy should inspire you. A smile is the best accessory you can wear to look great and inner happiness will give you peace, which will in turn energise you. So be happy and share that with those around you even if it’s just with a friendly smile. It could change their entire day.