Jennifer Winget: Everyone should experience love

Jennifer Winget is one of the versatile Indian television actresses. Her mind-blowing performances always manage to capture the attention of the viewers. Jennifer is all set to star in the upcoming show Bepannaah. In a candid conversation with a leading Indian daily, Jennifer was asked about Indian television shows weaving stories about betrayal and infidelity. To this, she said, “The show doesn’t talk about betrayal or cheating. It tells us that when a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean the end of the world or it is not necessary to blame the other person. The show is about life giving you a second chance.”

Speaking about how unique is her character Zoya from her previous role Maya of Beyhadh, she said, “It is very different. Maya was a self-made woman, independent and strong-headed. But Zoya is very soft and has led a protective life. After playing such a head strong character in Beyhadh, I didn’t want to restrict myself to any genre. When Zoya was offered to me, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to explore a different character.”

The show also stars Sehban Azim and Harshad Chopda. When quizzed about her experience working with them, Jennifer said, “Sehban, Aniruddh, our director, and I have worked together on Dill Mill Gayye earlier. This is my third show with the production house. So it is like getting up from one house and going to another. It is like working with family. We understand each other so well.”

“I am working with Harshad Chopda for the first time and he is on the top of his acting game. It makes my job easier as he comes prepared. We did a couple of workshops before the actual shoot began. I think we hit it off instantly in the first meeting itself,” added the actress.

Talking about rumours associated with Sehban, she said, “I think we have cleared this so many times in the past. Now, we laugh over it saying ‘aaj ye aaya, aaj woh news aayi‘… it’s just a laughing matter and it doesn’t make any difference to us.”

Talking about her belief in the ideology of second chances which is portrayed in Bepannaah, Jennifer said, “I absolutely believe in the philosophy of the show. I believe in second chances in life. I think when a relationship doesn’t work in your life, it doesn’t mean that your life is over. It mean it’s time for a new chapter to unfold. I think love is such a beautiful thing, everyone should experience it. Because what does love do? It makes you happy, be it any kind of love. Whether it is with your partner, parents, family, friends. I believe in love in all its forms.”

“I don’t plan life. Love, marriage or relationships can’t be pre-planned. Whenever it has to happen, it will happen,” Jennifer said .