Fan Club Of The Week

WHEN popular serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai had a time leap, audiences were introduced to the characters Kartik and Naira, played by Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan respectively. Admirers who wish to remain anonymous run a fan club dedicated to the popular duo. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more.

What made you setup your fan club?

When Kartik and Naira were introduced, they became popular. Shivangi Joshi and Mohsin Khan were an instant hit. Fans combined their character names to call them Kaira. Their chemistry onscreen made us go crazy for them, so we set up a fan club named Kaira. The name Kaira is now promoted by the channel the show airs on.

Tell us more about your fan club?

This club is dedicated to all Kaira fans. We give regular updates and share spoiler images to make fans more curious for the upcoming story tracks. We organise fun games and take part in trending on social media.

What has been your memorable moment?

It was when our fan club started getting acknowledged by everyone and the hashtag #KairaVivaah, which was chosen by us, became such a hit that Star Plus used it officially to promote the grand Kaira wedding.

What is the best thing you like about Mohsin and Shivangi?

We have some really creative people who love to make edits, VMs and short stories for Mohsin and Shivangi. The best thing about them is they see and appreciate the fans efforts. They like and repost our edits on a daily basis, which makes us feel our love is appreciated and noticed. They even do live chats together to interact with us. They are both so down-to-earth that we don’t feel they are stars, but our own. We also call them Shivin in real life, which they’ve used themselves!

What is your favourite work they have done?

We’re very proud of everything they have done and believe they are getting better. We admire how they have taken over as leads of an eightyear long show and brought it to number one on Star Plus for almost a year now. Mohsin and Shivangi are equally passionate, so are dedicated to making every scene the best it can be.

Tell us an interesting fact you admire about them?

We love that Mohsin and Shivangi keep a tab of special milestones of Kaira in the show, including reaching a landmark number of episodes, which they celebrate with us. For example, recently upon reaching 300 episodes we got multiple posts genuinely thanking fans for their support. They appreciate us and we appreciate them. The fact they share an amazing bond even off-screen makes them even more special.

What is your definition of true fan?

A true fan is like a loyal friend. Supporting and appreciating your favourites in whatever project they choose to take up, but at the same time learning to give them space and privacy. Appreciating them whole-heartedly but knowing where the limit.