By Asjad Nazir.

RISING Bollywood star Varun Dhawan has one of the fastest growing fan bases in the film fraternity.

A group of admirers from India have come together to run a popular fan club dedicated to him.

Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more.

What made you set up the fan club?
It was simply our love for Varun. In the beginning, we primarily saw this as a platform to connect with him, but now we feel blessed to be getting a chance to spread love for our idol. It has been more than five years we are running this fan club and we’re lucky to be a part of this family.

Tell us about your fan club?
We are a really friendly and an interactive fan group. We’ve always tried to give our best in updating fellow fans about stuff related to Varun. We are very approachable and we’re active on both Twitter and Instagram.

Tell us your memorable moment?
For us, all the times when Varun has noticed us are memorable. Also, whenever someone tells us about how our posts make them feel more connected with Varun and admire
him even more, it’s a great feeling. If we’re able to share the love for our idol, it just feels so good. Every year on Varun’s birthday, when the whole fandom comes together to
trend for him, it is beautiful.

What is the best thing you like about your idol?
When you have Varun as your idol, pointing just one best thing is difficult. He’s such an inspiration. One of many things we love about him is how he doesn’t act as a superhero.
He’s not someone who’ll conceal his flaws and that’s what makes him so relatable. He’s always done what he believes in and has a good heart.

What is your favourite work Varun has done?
For us, there can’t be just one favourite work of his. Varun puts more than 100 per cent into everything. The passion and dedication with which he works are so inspiring. We
feel so connected to all his films that it’s difficult to pick just one best.

Tell us an interesting fact about your idol?
Many know that he is a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson. One interesting fact is that when The Rock replied him on Twitter the first time, Varun did a performance of him on a reality

Also, for a movie Varun got a tattoo inspired by The Rock and he appreciated Varun for that.

What is your definition of a true fan?
A true fan genuinely loves their idol. You don’t need to meet any standards or do certain things to prove that you’re a true fan, only your love needs to be real. Be honest.

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