ACTRESS Shraddha Kapoor has im­pressed with her performances in Hindi cinema and also become mas­sively-popular on social media. The beautiful Bollywood star has got herself a dedicated following includ­ing Prathyusha from Visakhapatnam, South India, who has been run­ning a fan club dedicated to her for three years. Eastern Eye caught up with Prathyusha to find out more… What made you set up the fan club? This fan club was made to connect fans all over the globe with Shrad­dha, and to spread love and positivi­ty for her. Tell us about your fan club… My fan club represents the whole Shraddha family, known as Shrad­dha Gems. I provide daily updates on Shraddha, which includes pho­tos, videos, scans of articles and also love and positivity to her. What has been your most memora­ble moment? There are many memorable moments. When my fan club followers or fellow Shraddha Gems always acknowledge me and give compliments for the hard work that I put in to maintain it. Shraddha also reads our tweets and replies too. What is the best thing you like about Shraddha Kapoor? She is a humble, down-to-earth per­son and very hard-working soul. She treats all fans with so much love and likes to spend time with them, which is a very rare quality to have being a celebrity. She always spreads love and positivity wherever she goes. What is your favourite work Shrad­dha has done? Shraddha has done some beautiful and amazing movies where her characters are different from one another. She always does something new, tries to explore new things and learn them, and the results are always magnificent. Tell us an interesting fact about Shraddha… She is the sweetest person that you will ever come to know. She is very much fond of her dog and other ani­mals. She makes sure that she gets enough time to spend with her dog, Shyloh. She can speak like a pro in Russian and British accents. What is your definition of a true fan? A true fan is one who stands with their idols in thick and thin. They can also share opinions about their idols work without any hesitation. Visit Twitter: @WeLoveShraddhaK & Instagram: @teamshraddhak for more info