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Fan Club Of The Week – Helly Shah

by Asjad Nazir.

TALENTED actress Helly Shah has dazzled audiences with perfect performances and won over fans around the world. This includes Sakshi from Chandigarh, India, who runs a fan club dedicated to the popular star. Eastern Eye caught up with Sakshi to find out more…

What made you set up the fan club?
The main reason was to provide all the information about our princess Helly to all her fans, which are spread everywhere. Her humble and loving nature towards everyone inspired
us to open a fan club for her.

Tell us more about your fan club?
Our fan club is dedicated to our idol. We have all the necessary information, pictures, news and videos about Helly for her fans, so they remain updated about her.

What has been your best moment?
There are many! When Helly likes or ReTweets our tweets it gives us immense happiness and makes us feel so glad to get appreciated by our idol.

What do you like about Helly?
The best thing about Helly is she always shows so much love to her fans. In her every victory, she never forgets to thank her fans. She chats with us on Twitter and Instagram.
Her positivity and down-to-earth nature makes us admire her more.

What is your favourite work of hers?
All the characters are a favourite. With every role, she is growing as an actor. She always gives 100 per cent and performs with great honesty and dedication.

Tell us an interesting fact about Helly?
Her laugh is the best thing that is admired by all her fans. At 22, she is so mature and
treats all her fans as her friends. She always admires great work even if that character is
played by any actor.

What is your definition of true fan?
A true fan supports their favourite in a phenomenal way. They are loyal through thick and
thin, and have their back no matter what. Nothing can shatter this person’s love for their idol.

  • Visit Twitter: @HellyShah Team and Instagram: @hellyshahfandom for more.