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Suella Braverman


COMBATIVE, assertive and hugely popular among some in her party, Suella Braverman will attract active support from some – if and when she decides to contest the leadership of the Conservative Party in the near future. There can be little doubt – she is the great hope of a band of Tories who believe prime minister Rishi Sunak has simply lost his way. There is a little question Braverman would rally the Right of the Conservative Party. She remains a totemic figure for those who have slightly fallen out of love with the current Conservative government.

Increasingly, the former home secretary has staked out her turf and it is fiercely to the Right of many of Sunak’s own parliamentary sup porters – it is stridently anti-immigration, steadfastly against anti-multiculturalism, and believes that too many of our public services are in hoc to ‘woke’ policies and run by bureaucrats who don’t really understand the aspirations and hopes of ordinary folks. Despite the seemingly tough public persona – many and this publication too – would attest to her charm, grace and personal affability. She has had a rough and tumble parliamentary career of late – she was sacked by the prime minister in November last year. A year earlier she had been forced to resign from her home secretary role in the Liz Truss government after she sent an MP an official document from a per sonal email – in breach of ministerial guidelines. Behind her most recent demotion – she had written an article for the Daily Telegraph accusing the police essentially of going soft on the Israeli anti-war protests in London at that time. The police had caved to political correctness, she intimated.

As is the way with these things, the article should have been approved by No 10 It

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