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Bina Mehta


BINA MEHTA has made history as the first woman to head KPMG UK in the accounting firm’s 150-year existence.

Her appointment as the acting chair of UK board of KPMG also marked the first time a member of the ethnic minority and a person of Indian origin assuming the role at the Big Four firm.

While her elevation as has been sudden, following the resignation of former chairman and senior partner Bill Michael in February this year, Mehta is a veteran of 30 years at KPMG, with over 20 years of international M&A and restructuring experience in the UK, US and Canada.

Mehta hopes that the move would pave the way for greater diversity and inclusion across the accountancy industry. “Today, the firm has the most diverse board in its history with 60 percent being women and 30 percent being from an ethnic minority background,” she has said at the time of her appointment.

“I am just one of many women who have paved the way in KPMG’s 150-year history.

Each of them having strived to bolster the representation of woman in business, whilst encouraging the next generation to follow.”

When she joined KMPG in her early 20s, after qualifying as a chartered accountant, she was one of a handful of professional women in her team, and the only member from a minority ethnic background.

“I climbed the ranks alongside my peers but as I progressed further there were fewer role models I could personally identify with and the journey felt notably different. That prompted me to question why I had become the anomaly,” she has said, adding that it has made her “determined to champion the benefits diversity brings to the workplace and highlight the vital role mentors play.”

Before starting her career in advisory, Mehta worked in India

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