After starring together in many films, award-winning actors Tannishtha Chatterjee and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are set to team up once again, however, their new project will mark the directorial debut of the former.

Tannishtha Chatterjee, who has been a part of a series of critically acclaimed films, is set to turn director with the upcoming movie, which will be produced by Eros International, Rising Star Entertainment, Pankaj Razdan and Ravi Walia.

Talking about the film, Nawazuddin said in a statement, “Tannishtha and I have known each other for a long time. We have worked in a number of films as co-actors over the years. During all these films we have shared many exchanges about our favourite films stories et cetera. We share a wonderful creative rapport. So, it is only natural that we collaborate further. When we were shooting for Lion, Tannishtha told me a story which she had experienced herself. It really intrigued me, and I thought we should make a film of it. The idea started from there. We kept meeting and talking about it. And now here we are actually ready to execute that idea”.

Director Tannishtha Chatterjee added, “Nawaz and I share the most vibrant creative discussions. Over the years we have discussed our favourite films, music, stories. We have travelled to many festivals together. Our national award also came together. Through so many years of creative sharing, we thought it is almost an organic culmination that we now tell a story which is ours – as in the kind of films we like to watch. During the shooting of Lion, I told Nawaz about a fantastic English book that I always wanted to adapt. And we discussed that for a long time. Then I experienced a very strange incident in one of my travels. I came back, and I told him about it. He was really intrigued, and we decided – yes that is the story to make. We will probably adapt that book some other time.”

The untitled film mounts the floor next year.