Super fan of the week – Aditi Rathore

GROUNDED: Aditi Rathore
GROUNDED: Aditi Rathore

Acclaimed actress Aditi Rathore has won over fans with winning performances and her loveable nature. One fan who goes that extra step for the talented television star is Nida from Hyderabad.

Eastern Eye caught up with Nida to find out more.

What first connected you to Aditi Rathore?
At first, I felt connected with her character Avni Ayesha from Naamkarann. The show was extremely inspiring and so were the performances of the actors. Then I started finding out more about her and that was it! Her interviews got me to admire her more than anything or anyone else before.

What made you become a super fan?
I don’t believe in idolising celebrities, but as one fellow fan club member said Aditi is worth getting inspired by. I love her approach to life. She’s sensible and lets her work do the talking. Nothing more, nothing less!

Tell us about something super that you have done for Aditi?
I haven’t got a chance to meet her yet, but have many plans in mind when I do. As of now, I do some edits, videos and all that is possible in my will to make her feel special.

What has been your most memorable moment?
During last day shoots of the show Naamkarann, I sent a mail to Star Network, pouring all my love and appreciation for my favourites in it. To my surprise, Star got Aditi to read my letter on camera, along with Zain (Imam) and uploaded it on all their sites. I can never get over the reaction Aditi and Zain had to it.

What is the thing you most love about Aditi?
She’s the exact notion of an ideal human for me. She has a calm and composed nature. She’s extremely patient and is always smiling. Just a sneak peek of her smile makes my life bliss.

Which quality in Aditi do you most relate to?
She’s nothing over the top, doesn’t involve herself in public gimmicks and an introvert by nature (just like me). She has remained grounded throughout and has a special bond with those around her.

What is your favourite work Aditi has done?
Avni Ayesha from Naamkarann! I am eagerly waiting for her comeback.

Why do you love being a super fan?
Honestly, each and every Aditi and AdiZa admirer is a super fan. They inspire me to be one too! Our girl deserves that extraordinary love! As super fans, we are always here to shower our favourites with love, the best we can.

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