Shilpa Shinde won’t bow down in Bigg Boss house!

Actor Shilpa Shinde has been seen holding her ground from the beginning of Bigg Boss 11. The actor has always stood up for what is right and does not shy away from any sort of confrontation.

In the recent episode, Shilpa took it on herself to make wild card entry Dhinchak Pooja feel comfortable in the house. Recently when Pooja was upset because she has left a luxury budget task and was being blamed by her team, Shilpa comforted her. She advised her not to take these comments to heart and to be strong.

In the same episode, we also saw how many inmates like tried to incite Mehjabeen Siddiqui against Shilpa. They claimed that the actor had been talking against Mehjabeen, and saying that she had left her young daughter and come on the show. To this, Shilpa corrected them saying that she was talking about Mehjabeen’s sacrifice and meant nothing else!

Shilpa is surely enjoying her time in the house and is a huge source of entertainment. Her free-spirited nature and positive attitude are being loved by her fans. We hope she goes far in the show!