Shilpa Shinde shows her humanitarian side in Bigg Boss 11!

Though she is surrounded by people scheming and plotting to get ahead in the house of controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 11, actor Shilpa Shinde has proved that she stands different from the rest of the inmates locked in the Bigg Boss house. In the past few weeks, the actor has become more of a confidante and a friend to the other contestants and can often be seen advising them.

This week too, when wildcard entry Dhinchak Pooja was being made fun of because of the lice in her hair, Shilpa took it upon herself to talk to her. She told her that people are making fun of her and also comforted her by saying that she will ask Bigg Boss to send a bottle of shampoo to help her get rid of them. After this, she along with Hiten Tejwani, spoke on one of the cameras, asking for a bottle of Medicare as well as a sipper for Pooja.

The next selfless thing that Shilpa did was in the same episode, where she had to hold Hiren’s hand in a nomination task. The task was that Bigg Boss had nominated a few contestants and they were to hold hands with the other inmates, across a friendship wall. The other inmates had to convince these nominated contestants to continue to hold hands through the task, In order to avoid nomination. If Shilpa would have left Hiten’s hand, he would have got nominated. However, she didn’t and got nominated herself.

All we can say is that Shilpa might have started on the wrong foot on the show her fights with producer Vikas Gupta, however, she seems to be doing a brilliant job now.