Salman Khan has finally opened up about his brother Arbaaz Khan’s involvement in the IPL betting scandal, saying he couldn’t openly express his emotions when the scandal erupted as he was busy with the promotions of Race 3.

Last month, Arbaaz was summoned by the Thane Police for his involvement in the IPL betting case following the arrest of Sonu Jalan, a bookie. Arbaaz cooperated with the police and confessed that betting was his hobby. This was the same time Salman was busy with the promotion of Race 3, and during that time he refused to answer questions related to Arbaaz’s scandal.

He took this decision so that Arbaaz’s scandal wouldn’t overshadow Race 3. Salman also said that he has had to hide his true emotions to stay on top of his profession.

“I’ve learnt that you can’t take anything for granted. To stay on the top, you need to fight. To get past unfortunate happenings you need to fight. Also, something which is a challenge, not just for me but any other actor, is that even though you’re going through trouble, you have to be out there promoting your film, romancing your heroines,” said Salman during an interview with Filmfare.

He added: “And if you’re on TV, you’ve got to be laughing and joking. People on the other side think, issko toh kuchh farak hi nahi padta (it makes no difference to him). They don’t understand it’s our job. No matter how down you are, how messed up you are, that shot has to be done right. You have to make people laugh on the show even though you could be going through so much.”

Taking the example of Arbaaz’s betting case, Salman said he couldn’t stay depressed because he had an obligation to promote the film. “Personally, you could be down and out but you can’t ever show it. That can also go against you. Like some judge or a public prosecutor or some people will judge you saying, his verdict is coming up but he’s busy laughing and joking. But this is my job. I have to do this no matter what my parents, my family, my friends and I are going through,” said the actor.