Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt to tie the knot in 2020?

Ranbir Kapoor and his rumoured love interest Alia Bhatt might walk down the aisle sooner than expected.

According to an entertainment portal, Kapoor and Bhatt could tie the knot in 2020. “Alia is in a great phase of her life right now. She is in love and they both are sure of each other. Marriage is certainly on the cards but it won’t happen before 2020,” a source told BollywoodLife.

Ranbir recently hinted his desire to get married during a Twitter chat with fans. “Soon hopefully,” tweeted Ranbir when asked about his marriage plans.

Alia, too, opened up about getting married, telling a leading daily, “I am not someone who plans out my life thinking, ‘Well, that’s how it should be done.’ I feel the best things in life should happen when they are least expected. Maybe, people expect me to get married at 30, but I might surprise myself as well and get married before that.”

Alia and Ranbir fell in love on the sets of Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra, which has been described as a contemporary film with ancient elements. Ranbir has had to undergo training in horse-riding and gymnastics for the film, which was earlier titled Dragon.

In an interview with PTI, Ayan said: “There is a lot of action in ‘Dragon’, so there is a lot of training, like gymnastics kind of training, horse-riding, fighting and lot of physical stuff that Ranbir will have to do. And then there is internal work, like to get the spirit of the character right. Ranbir has to observe the flavour of the film and communicate it with the audience. We are trying to imagine things, this (fantasy) world, and work accordingly.”

He also added, “In its core, it has romance as an element but it has got a new flavour to it. With every film, I am trying to evolve and grow.”

Brahmastra will be part of a trilogy.