Namastey England to mount the floor on 22nd Feb

Headlined by Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, the upcoming film Namastey England will begin its first shooting schedule on 22nd February 2018. The whole cast and crew of the movie will fly to Amritsar, Punjab, where all plans have been made to commence the first schedule.

After Amritsar, the team will also shoot in other cities of Punjab, including Ludhiana and Patiala before beginning its international shooting schedule in Dhaka, Paris, Brussels and London.

“From Amritsar, we move to Ludhiana and Patiala. We are filming at more than 75 locations spread across these three cities. Later, we’ll also be shooting in Dhaka, Paris, Brussels and finally in London. That’s how the love story progresses,” says director Vipul.

Talking about his lead actors Arjun and Parineeti, director Shah says, “Both their characters are from Punjab and this is the first time that Arjun and Parineeti will be playing genuine lovers. Away from the camera, they are good friends and are always joking and pranking. There’s a lot of camaraderies and it’s going to be fun working with them.”