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Fan Club Of The Week – Parth Samthaan

DASHING actor Parth Samthaan has impressed all with his magnetic presence on screen and got himself a big fan following. One of these is Jaweriya Syed from India, who runs a fan club dedicated to the talented star. Eastern Eye caught up with Jaweriya to find out more… What made you set up the fan club? Firstly, thank you for featuring me. I actually never thought I would ev­er start a fan club! But maybe the love for my idol made me do this. Tell us about your fan club… My fan club is dedicated to Parth Samthaan. He is the sole reason why I’m here! I usually post differ­ent kinds of edits, videos, photos and news about him. I freely show love for my idol. It has been one amazing experience and I’ve made a lot of friends. People have told me that through my fan club they can connect with our idol more closely. It has now become my daily routine. What has been your most memora­ble moment? Every fan club will have only one dream, which is to get noticed and appreciated by their idol. And I’m no different. My most memorable moment was when I got a like from Parth. I came back from school, opened my fan club and was flood­ed with messages telling me I final­ly got a like from Parth. That was when I thought that fi­nally all my hard work had paid off as I made him happy with my posts. I still can’t forget that day, which was March 22, 2016. What is the best thing you like about Parth Samthaan? I guess when we love a person, we don’t count the individual things because we love them as a whole. The same is with me too. If I had to…

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