8 Romantic Gestures To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Butterflies In Her Stomach

Romance in a relationship should always be sparkling to keep the flame of love alive between two hearts. While it comes easy to some people, some struggle a lot with expressing the emotions seated deep in their hearts. If you belong to the latter and wish to pronounce your feelings every now and then to your precious girl, then keep on reading as this one is written just for you. You need not go overboard every time you wish to say those three magical words to your girl but a simple gesture brimming with love will do the trick to make her beam with a wide smile on her face.

Here are a few suggestions which will make her feel at the top of the world and you, a hero in her eyes.

  1. Take Her Back To Dating Days

Book a table at the same restaurant where you had your first dinner as a couple and if possible, order the same menu. Recreate the memories and let her know that you remember every little detail about the relationship and still are in as much love with her as you were on your first date!

  1. Personalised Cake For Her

Be the perfect boyfriend and order a romantic birthday cake for girlfriend adorned with a beautiful picture of her and a wish that she always had aspired for! This is the best way to make her feel loved and special on her birthday. She will definitely fall in love with you all over again.

  1. Write A Letter

Letter writing is a lost art but you don’t need to be an artist to express your feelings on a piece of paper. Write your emotions embellished with love for her. Tell her how much you miss her when she is not around. Remind her of some funny moments and some romantic instants that are carved in your memory forever. You can bet she will start loving you more from the moment she will lay her hand son this letter.

  1. Pay A Visit

You may have planned every date with her so far but this time surprise her with a date along with a bouquet of flowers in hand. Treat her like a royal princess and in return, she will treat you like a king for sure. Be a gentleman on the date and win her heart in a jiffy.

  1. Spend Time With Her Friends

This is the best gift that you can offer her on any given day. Take her friends too to lunch and have fun with them like they are your friends too. Meet her halfway and pick her best friend too for the movie together. Once in a while, this gesture will feel loved, secure and cared for in the relationship.

  1. Do The Chores For Her

If you know she is having a hectic day then divide her responsibilities for her. Pick up clothes from dry cleaners or do some house chores for her that could make her relax for a bit, take a deep breath and marvel at her luck for having such a loving boyfriend.

  1. Order Dinner For Her

There are days when she is too tired to prepare a meal for herself. If you can’t cook for her then order dinner for her from her favourite restaurants and watch her smile with love for you while intaking each bite. She deserves your love as much as you deserve hers!

  1. Post Picture On Your Social Media

The best gift that you could give her is the acceptance of your love before the world. Post some pretty pictures on your social media account and own the feelings you have for her. In this modern world, accepting your relationship on Facebook and Instagram is same as putting a ring on it.