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5 Most Expensive Cheeses in the World

1. Pule: $600/pound

This cheese is the costliest cheese in the world and is available only on demand; this unique cheese strengthens the immune system since it is low in fats and rich in vitamins and proteins. It is made of smoked donkey’s milk and it comes from the milk of a Balkan donkey from Siberia. It takes 25 liters of the donkey’s milk to make just one kilogram of the cheese.

2. White Stilton Gold: $420/pound

This is one of the few British kinds of cheese labelled PDO (Protected Denomination Origin). Stilton is called ‘The King” of British cheeses and only six creameries in the world are allowed to make it. This cheese is often made with different fruit flavours like lemon, ginger, apricots, and many other combos.

3. Wyke Farms Cheddar: $200/pound

It is actually one of the most traditional cheeses. This cheese was first made in 1861 by the Wyke Farms family in Great Britain and is also an award-winning cheese. Cheese made on the farm in Somerset from British milk.

4. Extra Old Bitto: $150/pound

This cheese comes from China. China actually has some of the most expensive and oldest cheeses. This cheese, in particular, was made by a Hong Kong importer in 1997. Old Bitto cheese is aged for up to 10 years so this one is extra special. At almost $150 a pound, this particular product bears little resemblance to other Bitto cheeses produced in the Italian peninsula, thus making it one of a kind.

5. Caciocavallo Podolico: $50/pound

This cheese, meaning “Horse Cheese,” is traditional and very popular in the south of Italy. It is not made from horse’s milk, rather its name originates from the fact that in the past, it was hung from horses so it could be transported during curing.