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Youngest candidate in California elections is an Indian American

Meet Shubham Goel, a 22-year-old who is running for the post of governor of California.

It is common to see the former IT professional out on the streets with his megaphone, talking to people and telling them why he would make a great governor.

The Indian American, who is a graduate of the University of California, is the youngest candidate in California elections and he aspires to use artificial intelligence and virtual reality to defeat corruption.

“Like Facebook, I intend to set up GovBook, which will have transparent and digitalised profiles for all office holders in California,” Goel told India Today TV. “It will show all their transactions from the past ten years, it will be an effective solution at combating corruption, I want to incorporate virtual reality in education which will revolutionise the sector,” he added.

On why he decided to run for governorship, Goel told IBTimes India that he wants to send the message to youngsters that one does not need money or fame to make a difference. Goel’s decision to not raise funds for his candidacy also sets him apart from the other candidates.

“I decided since the beginning that I won’t be raising funds for my candidacy as I believe that special interests and campaign donations are a big reason for the inefficiencies and slowness of our state legislations and policies. I don’t have an active campaign team nor do I want one!” he said.

As for why he is in the fray, Goel, who has no political affiliation, said there was a need for more independent voices. He also wants to raise representation and awareness for the Indian community in decision making.

Goel has his roots in Uttar Pradesh. His mother Karuna Goel hails from Meerut and his father, Vipul Goel, who owns a software company, is from Lucknow.