Bollywood star Tusshar Kapoor has been part of many Hindi films but the one which changed his life completely has to be Rohit Shetty’s multi-starrer Golmaal. The actor plays the character of Lucky in the comic-caper, a guy who cannot speak but communicates his feelings in a strange way, creating a lot of humour for the audience. After appearing in three moneymaking instalments of the series, the actor returns back to tickle the funny bones of the audience once again in the latest part of the series, titled Golmaal Again. In an exclusive interview with Eastern Eye in Mumbai, Tusshar talks about the film in detail. He also gets candid about his son, Laksshya and much more.

You have been a constant part of the Golmaal film franchise. Is it easy to slip back into the character of Lucky whenever a new film of the series comes your way?

It’s partly easy because once you come back and meet everyone again, the chemistry does come back. The director (Rohit Shetty) has a lot of people who are familiar, so the atmosphere is pretty similar. A lot of things subconsciously come back but every time we do Golmaal, Rohit always has something new for us actors as a challenge. It’s also hard due to the fact that you are outside your comfort zone in a certain way because there is something new to do, something to better the previous three performances but at the same time the guys are the same, the director is the same and a lot of the technicians are similar. The flavour and the culture of Golmaal are same so that brings a lot of familiarity. So it’s a mix of both.

What brings you back to Golmaal Again?

The main factor is the love of the audience. They have really made it successful at the box office. This factor just builds up the excitement level for us actors as well, so we are also waiting, in fact, when is Rohit going to come in and say that he has a new script. That is the main reason that brings us back and that is why it’s so successful.

How excited were you to hear about the next franchise?

There is that homely feeling where you are working with the same people again. You don’t have to start getting along with somebody all over again. That fun element is always there, it’s like a paid vacation because you are working with friends and you are going to these exotic places to work with friends. A movie like Golmaal always gets a good release. I have been fortunate enough to be nominated for Golmaal and the honour to be a part of it so many times. That has made this journey a bit emotional for me, the fact that I got such appreciation for this character has not been there with any of the other films.

How was it balancing shoot and home, especially with Laksshya?

I was a little nervous at first, I thought maybe I would wake at 6:00 am every morning, spend almost an hour with Laksshya, then get ready after which again spend some time with him and then go to gym then shoot but I just took it as it came. I woke at my time, spend some time with Laksshya then go to gym and later at work. After that I have him come to the shoot, he could be with me when there was something like lighting change. At Hyderabad, I decided to take him with me, spend time with him whenever possible. Fortunately, it worked out. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Do you know anything about the reports about Rohit Shetty proceeding with Golmaal 5?

I hope that’s true. He has told us that there is going to be Golmaal 5 but I don’t know the details yet. I think he has a script in mind but he has not shared that with anyone yet. Though I don’t think it is going to be immediately processed, there is definitely going to be a sequel.

Was it your idea that this time your character would speak?

No, it was entirely Rohit’s idea. It goes with the story, the incident leading up to it would unfold when you see the film. The writers Sajid and Farhad, I would like to give them the credit for the highlights and sequence in the film that goes with the story also, where people would find that Lucky starts talking in whatever way.

Just like Saif and Kareena, are you planning to send your child to boarding school too?

No to the boarding school though I would send him abroad later, probably after 12th standard like I went. At best after 8th standard but not right now. I want to be close to him. There is no difference between those who went to boarding school early rather than later. I have friends who went to boarding school and they have similar problems like I had. It’s not like they became tougher.

You have been a part of the Golmaal franchise since the beginning. Does it add to the pressure every time with the release?

The benefit of being a part of Golmaal is that it’s a big franchise. It’s a highly awaited film, even the trailers are seen by everyone. Every theatre wants to acquire the film and not just in the big cities but even in the small towns. Though you still keep your fingers crossed all the time because people have to like your work and the movie in its entirety. We want the film to go beyond the audience’s expectation, that’s very important. There is nervousness though the excitement is more.

Do you think Golmaal Again clashing with Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar would result in harming both the films?

I think each of the films will attract very different audiences. It’s a case where a person if wants to watch Golmaal Again will watch Golmaal Again and if they want to watch Secret Superstar they would watch Secret Superstar. One is a big film and another is a small one, there is place in Bollywood to carry a big film and a small film together. People might see one or the other or see both of them. Therefore, I think that is not going to be a negative thing, it’s a positive thing that we are coming up with a balance for one big commercial film and one small niche festive film.

Do you think the pressure of box office is less because of the successful franchise?

Not at all because there are franchises that have not worked even though they have been so successful in the past. A title does not have so much power, the title brings awareness and a ready market for Golmaal but the film should be such that even without the title it would flourish. The franchise is an icing on the cake but the film should survive on its own.

How was it working with Parineeti Chopra?

She is a very extroverted kind of person, therefore, it did not take much time for her to connect with everyone, her energy is always there. There is no stress regarding her being a new member of the cast, she is a people’s person and there was instant connectivity, and Tabu I know as a friend so again it was like a homecoming for me.

What do you take back from Golmaal?

Besides my paycheck, new friends and a lot of learning! It has been a long shoot so it’s been an exercise in patience because you have tried to make everything as perfect as possible. I think I have grown up more making this film. It has been a learning experience and this is the first film where my son also visited.