Thinking Differently: There’s thinking outside the box, then there’s thinking as if there is no box, and magicians fall in the latter category. Creating new illusions start by dreaming up the most incredible final effects possible, and solving dozens of problems to turn this dream final effect into a reality. This way of thinking not only aided in creating new magic, but improved my ambitions and even helped me get into Oxford University.

Amazing events: Whether they’re intimate gatherings for the host’s close friends or grand galas where hundreds attend, performing magic has allowed me to enter different worlds and experience unforgettable moments and events. Favourites include the Shane Warne Foundation gala dinner, music awards shows, balls for Prince Charles’ charities and Indian cricket team dinners.

Spectacular venues: From plush hotels to grand castles, palaces, beaches, stadiums, museums, transformed warehouses, deserts, mountains and galleries, performing at events around the world allows you to visit some incredible places. Whether it’s the amazing architecture, astounding technology, exquisite pieces of art, or wonderful scenery, there have been several occasions where before performing I’ve had to step back for a few moments just to admire the setting.

Celebrity shows: I’ve been fortunate to perform for royalty, sports stars, ex-prime ministers, reality TV stars, actors and musicians. Magic has this ability to bring everyone to the same level. It acts as its own language and affects everyone differently. Prince Charles reacted with delight, Samuel Eto’o jumped back in surprise, and Sachin Tendulkar thought intensely for a second before proclaiming: ‘You’re always five steps ahead.’ Ed Sheeran thought about prior experiences of magic before responding: ‘That’s the best magic I’ve ever seen’. What’s not to love!

Joining The Magic Circle: Its headquarters are in central London. To join you need to pass an audition and take the oath that you’ll never expose magic in a public forum. We meet regularly on Monday evenings to discuss crazy ideas and come up with new creative presentations. Oh, and after every meeting there’s an unofficial after event where we discuss even cooler magic at the local Nandos.

Endless opportunities: Performance magic takes several forms. Mind reading, stage illusion, close-up tricks, technology magic, psychological illusion and more allows magicians to develop their own style over time. Whether it’s pure entertainment during a wedding or party, something meaningful at a corporate training day or magic to increase belief and resilience in an elite sports team, there is always a place for magic. As long as it is themed and presented well, the opportunities are endless.

Expression: Every time I perform I get to meet new people, and for the brief period I’m with them I get to tell them a story and give a tiny insight into my life. The clothes I wear, the way I introduce myself and magic I perform, all allow me to express myself. Then hopefully leave an impression, however small, on everyone.

Happiness: When people have fallen on bad times or got dealt a tough hand in life, magic provides a happy moment for them, whether it’s for a minute, hour, day, or just a split second. In that moment they forget everything else and return to a childlike state of bliss. The real gift of magic is to be able to give this feeling to all who take a second to watch.

Learning experience: Magic gives you social skills that are hard to come by in a world of social media. It gives you the confidence to feel comfortable in your skin wherever you are and whoever you’re speaking to. Everyone when they first perform magic fails miserably at some point, but the traits of resilience and determination you build through performing feeds in to all other parts of life.

Transformation: People who start out as sceptics get transformed by the end of my set! There’s something wonderful about blitzing people’s preconceptions of magic and showing them it is not all pulling rabbits out of hats. When magic is brought into the modern era with phones, ice, fire or watches, suddenly their perception of magic changes. This is the greatest service I can give to the art.