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top 10 things

Things that inspire me

By Ali Jacko

“THOSE who embrace life with both hands will always encounter inspirational things. That is why there are a lot of things that inspire me and I am using this in songs I have started to create. Here are perhaps the top 10 things that have inspired me most and bought me to where I am today,” said Ali.

My father: I have been associated with hard work all my life. Whether it has been in business, winning kickboxing world titles, overcoming obstacles or creating music, people have asked me the root of my work ethic. I would give credit to my father, who instilled the value of hard work early on in my life. I have built everything on the foundation he gave me and everything I have have done is to make him proud. My father, my hero.

My children: There is a reason why everyone says becoming a parent is life changing. You no longer take decisions or work for yourself, but base everything around your children. I am proud of all my kids and they not only inspire me to work harder, but also to become an even better human every day. They have inspired my second single You Are The Reason, and that is why I star alongside my two daughters in the music video and that will be there for life.

Muhammad Ali: The iconic boxer fought against incredible odds to not only become a world champion, but also inspired many millions by his greatness and I was one of those. I was fortunate enough to meet Muhammad Ali on a flight to Bangladesh in 1978. I was about eight or nine years old and punched him. In return, he blessed me! I idolised him as a kid and drew from his work ethic to win kickboxing world titles. My victories in the ring are dedicated to him in some way. I didn’t realise it so much until my last few fight before I retired.

Humanity: I really look up to anyone who does selfless deeds for others, including those who leave everything behind to go work in poor countries. I am drawn to humanity in others and work hard to be a good human being every single day. I think the greatest victory we can have in life is kindness towards others. It is the most satisfying feeling.

Talent: I think the biggest mistake we can make as human beings is closing ourselves off from other people’s achievements. Whether it’s the talented sound technician in my studio or my good friend Salman Khan, I love being around

talented people and the positive energy they create. That is why I have always been on the lookout for new talent to see how I can help them. Just like the boxer I am training, who will be the next Manny Pac Man.

Food: Eating your favourite food will always put you in a good mood and when you are happy, inspiration comes along. I love different types of food and one day hope I can learn how to cook. (Laughs) That way I can create my own dishes in the kitchen. A hearty meal inspires the mind, body and soul. I am starting to cook a few things.

Music: I have always loved good music, but only embraced it as a career at the end of last year with my debut single Give My Love A Brand New Name. Since then, music and being around some incredibly talented artists has inspired me in ways you can’t imagine. Music really is an endless ocean with infinite possibilities and I am looking to explore it the best I can by working with



History: Whether it is the journey taken by your parents, looking at those who invented or created something great or appreciating those who have broken glass ceilings, we should always ap- preciate and get inspired by our history. After all, history shapes us all in some way or the other. If you don’t know where you are from, you will never know where you are going.

Life: Just being alive and being able to pursue your dreams should be inspiration enough. Life and all the amazing experiences it has offered me so far inspire me every single day. May these moments continue.

The Almighty: Last but definitely not least, the Almighty inspires me to work hard, leave a mark and do all I can for those around me. I appreciate all the blessings that have been bestowed on me and always feel like a high power is watching over me.

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