THE documentary film directed by Svati Chakravarthy Bhatkal and produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao revolves around the theme of forgiveness.

The docu-drama presents three harrowing stories of horrific murders and how family members affected by the heinous crimes finally found peace.

The first is a politician’s daughter, whose parents were gunned down when she was a child, the second is a family who lost their daughter to a brutal killing on a bus, and the third is a woman who lost her husband and child during the horrific Mumbai terrorist attack.

Rubaru Roshni shows how, despite going through the darkest times of their lives, they were able to take the unimaginable step to forgive the murderers.

The emotional stories show how heartbroken family members found some peace through the most difficult time. The director also charts the journeys of two of the murderers, who repent and attempt to find redemption.

While some will find it difficult to watch, the documentary film offers life lessons while telling remarkable true-life tales and offering hope. The strength of the project is such that it will likely have a long journey ahead, where it will help heal those who watch in some way.