Reham Khan

Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham Khan has finally released her much-awaited tell-all and it contains details of the cricketer-turned-politician’s sexual encounters and drug use.

Reham released her explosive autobiography just before the July 25 elections and she paints her former husband as a self-absorbed man.

Here are a few things Reham discusses in her book:

Imran’s sexuality:

Reham claims that Imran participated in some “interactions” with a male classmate when he was at Lahore’s Aitchison College. A few years later, while studying in Worcestershire, England, a 12-year-old boy “forced himself” on Imran, who was 18 at the time, she writes.

Imran is also said to have had relationships with former cricketer Zakir Khan and a person named Moby, who is described as a close friend.

Reham writes: “However, while cleaning the bottom-left drawer of my husband’s side table, I found empty cigar cases and huge tubes of KY Jelly. When I asked what they were for, Imran explained that the lubricant and the metal cases were used together. His ‘preferences’ became clear. My look of horror produced peals of laughter from my sexually liberated husband.”


“Baby, what do you know about drugs? You have never done it. A line of coke is just like half a glass of wine,” Imran is believed to have told Reham. She also alleges that Imran has used all sorts of tranquillisers, mainly benzodiazepines like Xanax and Lexotanil’, Rohypnol and heroin.

Illegitimate children:

Imran reportedly told his then wife Reham that he has fathered five illegitimate children, with the eldest being 34-years-old.

Reham’s struggles:

However, the book is not all about Imran. The former BBC journalist insists that the book “is all about my life…the struggles and how I overcame it.”

“After reading my book many women will find a small part of herself too. I hope and pray that all that has happened to me should never happen to anyone,” she said, according to Business Standard.