Pranitaa Pandit: Content on the web is bold, I’m not willing to go all the way

Shows on the digital platform have really impressed actor Pranitaa Pandit, who wants to do a project for the web soon. The actor says that the work she has been approached for as yet is not something that suits her and wants to wait for the perfect project to make her digital debut. “I have never worked on the digital platform and I am really looking forward to working in it. Basically, things have just not clicked because of the kind of work I was looking for in the digital space has not been offered to me as yet. I hope something good comes up soon,” she says, adding, “The same goes for short films. I have done a short film, it was about anxiety disorders. But I want to do a lot more. I am just waiting for the right opportunity and for the right show to come forward.”

The content on the internet is often considered to be bold and Pranitaa says that she is not very comfortable in that space. “Honestly, the content is very bold. I am not willing to go all the way for a web series. I am not comfortable with doing very bold characters. This is basically a personal choice and I have nothing against people who do it. It’s great but I am not comfortable in my skin as of now, I think I need to evolve,” she says.

The actor feels that the internet boom is inevitable in terms of entertainment. “I think the future of the internet looks really bright to me and as it is very real. It’s something that the young generation can relate to so overall it is a great platform to be part of,” she says.

Ask her if she feels the internet will ever overtake TV and she says, “Honestly, I think, people will never stop watching TV. TV is always going to be big, especially in the rural areas of India. In the urban areas, people still watch shows on the internet, but not in rural India,” she says.

Pranitaa is a big fan of shows on the internet as well. “I like to watch romantic and thriller content on the internet. It all depends on the mood. I like to watch horror too,” she says.