My Pod with Tears Of Happiness

MUSIC duo Tears Of Happiness recently released their single Close To You, which is taken from their emotion-filled album Elevate. Singer Me’da and music producer LCamz aim to produce more unique songs with universal appeal that draw on their diverse influences. Eastern Eye got the musical duo to select songs they love. After a lot of thought they made five selections each.

Have You Seen Herby Donnell Jones: This great track has such a beautiful vocal delivery and a timeless appeal. In fact I loved this song so much when I heard it that it inspired me to sing. That is the main reason why it will always have a special place in my heart.

Remember The Timeby Michael Jackson: I think most people will have at least one Michael Jackson song in their list of favourites. I am going to select this classic, which was one of my favourite childhood songs. It is just so captivating, even today.

Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar: This whole album blew my mind and that is why I couldn’t just select one song from it. Although the album incorporates various styles into the songs, I love it because of the message it conveys.

Viva La Vida by Coldplay: The British  band has delivered a number of great songs that have become popular globally, but this is my favourite. This is an amazing track that is just composed to perfection. All those who have heard it will know what I mean.

Feel The Love by Rudimental: Great music will always make you feel something and that is what we have tried to do with our songs including our latest release Close To You. I had tingles down my spine when I heard this song by Rudimental for the first time.

Insomnia by Faithless: This is a timeless dance classic that combines a mainstream sound with a unique stamp. This was a fantastic breakthrough track from a band that would go on to do great things.

Butterfly by Talvin Singh: East-west fusions have been done hundreds of times, but I feel this is the first one that really did it properly. It still sounds good today. The whole OK album is insane and features other great songs too.

Black or White by Michael Jackson: I just love what this song stands for. Music is an international language that brings us all together irrespective of heritage or skin tone and this song perfectly illustrates that.

One Dance by Drake: No matter where I am, what time of day it is or what I’m wearing – whenever I hear this track I just haveto dance to it. A great song by an artist at the top of his game!

Come Away With Me by Norah Jones: This song from the award-winning singer just has a beautiful serene vibe that takes me away to a world I didn’t think existed.