Neha Dhupia on why it’s not always right to ignore online abuse

Neha Dhupia (Photo by SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP via Getty Images)
Neha Dhupia (Photo by SUJIT JAISWAL/AFP via Getty Images)

By: Mohnish Singh

Apart from her impressive acting chops, Neha Dhupia is also known for her unflinching straightforwardness. She is an actress who is never scared of calling a spade a spade. Her strong opinions on a broad variety of issues have earned her both admiration and caustic remarks in equal measures on social media.

The former Miss India has been trolled on social media umpteen times. Trolls have said the ugliest things possible about her work, dressing sense, and what not. She has been even fat-shamed on occasions more than she can count.

However, that has never stopped the actress from voicing her opinions and staying true to who she is. Recently, she opened up on the issue of online trolling and said that trolls have, in fact, stopped bothering her now.

Talking to an Indian publication, Dhupia said, “I think I have the ability to attach and detach. So, I deal with it in my own way, but I do not think it is right. And to a great extent, it accounts for emotional abuse and that is not right.”

She goes on to add that women are victims of the situation more than anyone else. “I do not understand how trolls can abuse someone’s wife or daughter and then go share a meal with their own family. I feel like women are victims more than anyone else. I do not understand what their mindset is,” she wondered.

“According to me, to a very large extent, it is abuse, and I feel like people are now continuously taking measures against it and we need to be more forceful against trolls. I mean, my coping mechanism is to ignore, but honestly, that is not always the answer,” the actress told the publication.

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