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My top 10 ways to be awesome – Suzanne Virdee

Suzanne Virdee
Suzanne Virdee

Be kind: We see these words a lot nowadays on t-shirts and mugs, but it’s so much more than a slogan. Being kind and helping others has a double effect. It makes a difference to others’ lives, but also makes you feel good. Whether it’s offering a kind word when someone is feeling down, encouraging them, helping someone carry bags or do a chore, it’s the little things like these that can make a big difference to people. Kindness isn’t a weakness – it’s a strength. It certainly doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover though.

Be Yourself: There’s a lot of pressure to fit in nowadays. Don’t be so focused on fitting in that you lose your identity and become someone else. Embrace your differences. Every single one of us is unique – our DNA proves that. Always remain true to yourself, your values and standards – part of being awesome is not changing who you are simply to fit in.

Be Positive: Being a positive thinker helps with managing stress levels. Being a ‘glass half full person’ rather than a ‘glass half empty person’ helps you problem solve much more easily. I don’t know a single pessimistic person who has achieved amazing things – it’s always the positive thinkers who get on with things. Positive people have a good energy around them and tend to attract similar people too.

Be confident: This doesn’t mean being annoyingly boastful. Just believe in your heart that you’re awesome and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Have faith in yourself, because if you do, then others will and that’s when amazing things can happen.

Use your talents: If you’re good at something don’t hide it. You may be able to sing, play a musical instrument, paint or speak a second or even a third language. These are awesome talents. Don’t be afraid to sign yourself up to opportunities that allow you to showcase those talents. These skills could become much more than hobbies – they could end up being your career. By showing off your talents, you shine.

Value Yourself: You’re a very special person. There is only one of you. Life gets tiring and we must remember to take care of ourselves physically in order to support our mental health. Don’t be afraid to take time out to be alone and do simple things such as staying in, and watching a TV show that you love, reading a book, cooking, listening to music or taking a hot bath. If we feel good, then we look good. Investing time in ourselves is not vanity, it’s a necessity. Also, when you value yourself, others will value you too.

Forgive: Don’t hold grudges because they can eat away at you and make you unhappy and unable to move on with life. If someone has upset you, tell them they’ve hurt you and why. If the person is reasonable, they will probably want to say sorry, if they don’t, you can always walk away and find better friends. The way you stand up for yourself and treat others makes you stand out in life. Life is beautiful but short, don’t lose friends over silly arguments. Of course, if you’re at fault, then be the bigger person and apologise for it.

Don’t get pushed around: While we should be kind and value other’s opinions, we shouldn’t let them diminish our dreams or push us into things we don’t want to do. Deep down we know what we’re capable of, so ignore the doubters and plough on. Don’t crush people on the path to success, but as long as your dreams are not harming anyone, carry right on and prove them wrong. Belief in yourself is awesome and powerful.

Be grateful: Think about the good things in your life and be thankful for them every day. I’m not just talking about the material things you have, but the people around you, your friends, family and pets. Those who remember to be grateful for things in their life that most people take for granted tend to have a positive outlook.

Laugh and be happy: It’s so nice to be around happiness and laughter, just hearing someone laugh is uplifting and infectious. Sharing a joke makes us happy and lifts our mood and we’re naturally attracted to happy people, as they appear more confident and friendly. Plus, it really is true that laughter is the best medicine; scientists have found that laughter can relieve stress. So go on, have a giggle!

Suzanne Virdee is a TV journalist and author of A Girl’s Guide To Being Awesome, which is published by Summersdale and is out now, available online at Amazon and all book stores priced £9.99. Visit Twitter: @suzannevirdee

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