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My top 10 things that make me happy – Sangeet Samra


My dog: I have always had love for animals, but when I brought a dog home everything changed for me. He owns me and makes me the happiest. Animals are so innocent. My dog taught me compassion and is the reason I quit meat. He taught me about animal emotions; how they solely live off love and love you selflessly. I could be having the worst day, but my dog has the power to change it for me and brightens up my world.

Food: I love trying out all types of different cuisines. I travel a lot and before flying to a country I research about its cuisines. The love for food sometimes gets me into comfort eating, if I’m having a not-so-good day. Fortunately, I have good genetics so don’t put on weight easily. Otherwise, I would be killing myself in the gym every day seeing the amount I eat.

Travel: You get to learn about different cultures and languages when travelling, and I’m all for that. I love reading about different cultures, religions and languages. Whenever I travel I try learning at least a few words of the local language. It’s good because it warms up people to you when they see the effort you’re making.

Fashion: I’ve had love for fashion since childhood. When I was around 7-8 years old, I used to walk around wearing my grandma’s sari and my mum’s lipstick. I then started to colour my hair and try on makeup as I always felt that you can really express yourself through fashion. I like to try out different looks. One day I can dress up really edgy and the next day you will see me looking like the girl next door in a salwar kameez, and would not believe it’s the same girl, although of course my hair gives it away. I dress up according to my mood and don’t follow over-the-top trends. In fact, if I see something becoming really popular, I won’t wear it just because others are. I’ve had an opportunity to endorse awesome clothing brands such as Missguided, Pretty Little Thing and Dolls Kill as an influencer.

Music: I listen to different types of music when I’m getting ready for work. The kind of music I listen to is how I feel after. Songs have the power to send you back in time as you remember the situations, moments that you experienced when you first heard them. That is why the whole idea of doing music videos excites me because in a quick short video, you can literally express yourself based on the song. Jeeya Mar Ke and Jahan Hai Tu did exactly that. Being in these music videos have also led to film opportunities and I am currently in talks with a few people about them.

Adventure: I love doing adrenaline-filled activities. It gives me the ultimate high. My family and friends think I’m crazy, but activities such as bungee jumping, sky diving, zip-lining over the mountains, paragliding give me a rush.

Dancing: Not only does it help me to stay fit and express myself, but dance also keeps my mind active. It’s something I feel the need to be in touch with at all time. As I do music videos and act, I need to be prepared at all times for any opportunity that can arise.

Animal welfare: Working for animal charities gives me lots of happiness and satisfaction. I feel, as humans we have a voice and should stand up for what is right. Animals have the same rights as we do on this planet. You hear all sorts of stories about animals being tortured and their sufferings, but unfortunately, many people don’t find that important. Many don’t care, and it’s very sad because I believe in many ways that animals are better than humans. They don’t show greed, selfishness and other negative qualities. They can’t speak, but they feel pain and heartache. So, when I help animal shelters and try to be the voice of the voiceless, it gives me the ultimate satisfaction.

Gadgets: We are living in such a fast-paced world that we can’t function without gadgets and technology. I love learning about new gadgets, technology and trying them out. It makes our lives so much easier and creative.

Hiking: I love going for long walks with my dog. There is nothing more soothing than being connected with nature. It calms me and makes me creative. I feel inspired when I see greenery around me, and it really relaxes my soul. Long walks not only help us stay connected with nature, but they also help burn out any negativity energy.

Sangeet Samra is a London-based model, actress and social media influencer.

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