My Pod with Meliah

By Asjad Nazir.

ACE music producer Luke Masih discovered talented singer Meliah at the music legend
Apache Indian’s academy and has been working with her for nearly a year. Recently, they
teamed up for the song Secret Lover.

Eastern Eye got rising star Meliah to select 10 songs she loves.

We Need A Resolution by Aaliyah: A big inspiration to me. The amazing artist delivered
timeless music, but also danced like a boss. Everyone who knows me can say I’m a major
lover of dance alongside music, and that’s exactly the impression I got from her music.

On And On by Erykah Badu: This song has a unique soulful sound that takes me to another world. I have admired Erykah Badu’s style. The thing that draws me to her the most is the fact that she is very open minded, free and doesn’t care what the world thinks of her. Her creativity is on a whole new level.

Check Me Out by Nipsey Hussle: One of my favourite rappers. I played his Crenshaw Mixtape on repeat for possibly the whole year when it first came out. I love everything he
stands for. I feel like I know him through his lyrics. I rate him for his words of honesty.

I Wanna Be Down by Brandy: One of the most inspirational ladies going, Brandy has a
crazy vocal range and phenomenal power. The talent she has blew me away from the first time I heard her. I’d love to meet her in the future.

Patience by Ray BLK: Ray BLK is amazing. Growing up, my mother told me that patience
is key and to never follow anyone. So to hear this artist put that into a song means so much to me. It shows everything that she stands for and how much of a strong lady she is.

What They Want by Russ: I casually listened to BBC Radio 1XTRA one day while getting
ready, but then suddenly, I hear this melody. I automatically searched the name up and ever since then, I have been mesmorised by him. His fusion of melodies and rap in this track really got me.

Real Deal by Jessie J: She is in a whole league of her own. Her diverse writing skills, crazy vocal range and those runs that she projects, is everything. I love everything she brings to the table and is the reason why I believe anything is possible.

This Woman’s Work by Maxwell: This song definitely gets me in my feelings. Maxwell has a beautiful crisp, but soft tone. So when he hits that falsetto along with the words in this song, it really touches my soul thoroughly.

I Miss You by DMX Ft Faith Evans: I love songs that have a meaning and this song by
far means the most to me. I appreciate DMX basing a song on his grandmother who had
passed away. It shows the connection he had with her, which is very similar to my story.
This song touches a part of me I don’t believe another one will do again.

Don’t Go by Wretch 32: The word play Wretch 32 delivers is just crazy. You really
have to focus and take in what he says as hard as it may be. From the way he writes to the
way he delivers his lyrics, I will always believe he is by far one of the most creative
and best rappers going.