Here’s why bathing in milk is good for you

Holly Willoughby and Mariah Carey love their milk baths and this unusual beauty procedure is the secret to their smooth skin.

A cold milk bath might not be the most relaxing activity, but milk has properties that does wonders to skin. According to dermatologists, milk contains healthy fats and proteins and is rich in minerals that help remove dead skin cells.

New York City dermatologist Dr Douglas Altcheck told Daily Mail Online that dairy products contain protein and skin-nourishing minerals like vitamin E and vitamin D. These vitamins help to reduce wrinkles, minimize acne, increase skin elasticity, and lessen the appearance of dark spots. They also have healing properties, says Dr Altcheck.

“Vitamin D and vitamin E will also help accelerate how fast the skin repairs itself from UV rays, wind, sun, contaminants and pollution,” he told Daily Mail Online.

Lactic acid, the key ingredient in milk, has skincare benefits as well. “Lactic acid is a healing product which helps the skin become smoother,” he said.

While a milk bath is definitely good for your skin, Dr Altcheck warns against staying in the bath too long. “It’s a double-edged sword because on one hand you want to stay in there long enough to absorb the nutrients,” he said. “On the other hand, you will become dehydrated if you stay in too long and the water will literally roll out your skin. I would say anything beyond 15 minutes would be harmful.”

Once you are done with your bath it is important to rinse off thoroughly as milk decomposes quickly. This means you could end up smelling like rotten milk, says Dr Altcheck, adding that it’s important to moisturize.