DASHING young actor Mohsin Khan has delighted fans with winning per­formances, including on hit serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. A group of friends who wish to remain anon­ymous run a fan club dedicated to the TV star and regularly update fel­low admirers. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more… What made you set up the fan club? The reason for us starting this fan club was our love for Mohsin. We re­ally felt he was amazing as a performer. He had just started out as an actor at that time, so our motive was to have a place where all the people who loved him could come together to know everything about him. It is a fan family where we all adore Mohsin. Tell us more about your fan club… This is one of the first fan clubs for Mohsin. We are a team of three unit­ed by a love for him with each of us belonging to different parts of the world. Apart from showing love and appreciation, the fan club also sup­ports him through this journey. What has been your most memora­ble moment? There are many! Running this fan club each day is memorable. Mohsin acknowledges our efforts and those of the fans through likes, retweets, sometimes through comments or by posting fan edits. All of it is really special and memorable for us fans. What is the best thing you like about Mohsin Khan? There are loads of great things about him. But what really inspires us is his humility and how hard he works. We have seen his growth as a star and become the leading man of a top TV show, yet he remains a grounded humble guy. That inspires us and is so rare. The kind of warm relationships he shares with his family and co-ac­tors, him appreciating fan efforts and celebrating each occasion of the show with us are just some of the most amazing things about Mohsin. What is your favourite work Mohsin has done? We are really proud of all the work, whether it’s his shows or advertise­ments. Right from his debut to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, each of his shows have shown him in a different light. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has been the biggest of all both in terms of popularity and kind of suc­cess he has got. Mohsin has played Kartik Goenka so beautifully it’s as if he has lived and breathed the role. Tell us an interesting fact about him… That he gets super shy when some­body compliments him. He also has an amazing sense of humour that we come across a number of times in his interviews and interactions. What’s your definition of a true fan? Being a true fan means loving your idol selflessly beyond any expectations or selfish motive. We have a respon­sibility towards our favourite since his name is attached to us, so we as true fans would only want to spread love and positivity across this platform. See Twitter: @MohsinKhan_FC for more