Education can bring about gender equality, says producer Dipti Kalwani

Producer Dipti Kalwani, who is known for her show Badho Bahu, says that empowerment of women will only become a reality in India with the help of education. The producer adds that this will help change the mindset of people. “Education is imperative for gender equality. It’s the mindset of people that needs to change. Our leaders and mothers play a vital role too. Kids at the young age need to be told that they are equal and our leaders need to ensure that justice happens in cases where women exploitation is concerned,” she says on the occasion of International Women’s Day today.
The small screen has often depicted many women characters, both strong and weak, says Dipti. “Television has always depicted both progressive and regressive characters. It helps to show the difference,” she adds.
She adds, “TV shows show progressive characters who stand with their families, backing them and such shows tend to do better. This is because, for the Indian audience, families come first. Having said that, even rebellious characters do well when their motives are justified.”