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Celesti Bairagey: Special new star is born

The actress talks about her remarkable journey from social media marvel to acting success, great popularity, future hopes and Shah Rukh Khan manifestation.  

Celesti Bairagey

By: Asjad Nazir

CELESTI BAIRAGEY quickly became a viral sensation after social media photos of her emerged, looking strikingly similar to Bollywood superstar Alia Bhatt.

Instead of fading away like other celebrity doppelgangers, the top Assam talent, now based in Mumbai, has shown off her impressive acting ability in hit drama serials Udti Ka Naam Raajo and Amber Girls School. 

 The self-made young star representing an empowered new generation now also has her own unique look, a growing fan base that includes more than a million Instagram followers, and high future goals, inspiring many others. 

 Eastern Eye caught up with someone who is set to make an even bigger impact to talk about her remarkable journey from social media marvel to acting success, great popularity, future hopes and Shah Rukh Khan manifestation.  

What first connected you to acting?  

The most important part that connected me to acting is my father. He is connected to art and literature since his school days. He used to always take part in theatre plays and anywhere he could explore acting. That kind of pushed me towards it. 

Lead inset Celesti Bairagey in amber school girls
Stills from Amber Girls School

How has your approach to acting been?

As an actor I believe that we all reflect ourselves in each character we play and kind of bring our own touches to it, which makes it beautiful and a little more connected to the audience. The director, cinematographer, actor, and crew create that image together. I enjoy that process, immensely. 

You had first come to global attention when social media users compared you to Alia Bhatt. How was that for you? 

 So, getting compared to a superstar like Alia Bhatt got very difficult for me because the internet nowadays can be a blessing, but also a negative place. Initially, I received more hatred than love over the internet when those comparisons happened. I come from a very small town, so it was very difficult for me to suddenly handle all the attention and some negativity that came with it. 

 How do you reflect on those Alia Bhatt comparisons now? 

 Looking back now, I appreciate it. When someone makes that comparison to Alia Bhatt, I feel great because she is amazing as an actor and very beautiful. When people compare me to her, it means they call me beautiful and talented. I would really be grateful and happy as an actor if I receive half of what she has done in her life. I would feel like a successful actor if that happens. You are a natural talent. How do you feel being in front of a camera? I love being on set. Whether I’m working for an OTT platform, daily soap, music video or anything I’m the happiest in front of a camera. Every day I go to set I thank all the powers that are around me, including family, friends, people supporting me and producers who have faith in me. I’m very grateful to be here. 

 What was it like working on Niveer Aru Tara? 

 Niveer Aru Tara was my favourite web film and project altogether because (my character) Tara was someone who kind of really gave me a big boost to my career. People loved Tara. I still get so much love for her.

 What was the experience of working on hit drama serial Udti Ka Naam Rajjo? 

 Rajjo has to be a blessing that happened in my life. Because of Rajjo, I shifted to Mumbai from Assam. I really didn’t think it would be possible for me to be living in Mumbai and starting a new journey here. I have been in the city for two years thanks to Rajjo and am so happy here. I’m really grateful to Rajjo because it made me more confident and independent as an actor, but also as a person, as Celesti Bairagey. 

Celesti Bairagey 5 scaled
Celesti Bairagey

 What has it been like working on your latest show Amber Girls School?  

Amber Girls School has been very challenging for me because I had to learn to speak in Punjabi to play that role. It was really fun being on set. I had an amazing director, camera team, production house and crew. Everyone was so nice. I made a lot of good friends. Also, I had never been to Punjab before. We completed the entire shoot in 45 days in Patiala and Chandigarh. We had a lot of good Punjabi food. My first streaming site project was an amazing experience. 

 What is the plan going forward?

 The only plan I have going forward is to work harder and efficiently every day, with the same amount of effort that I did put in so far. I have made a promise to myself to be consistent and open to learning every day. So that is my current plan going forward. 

  What type of roles would you like to play?  

This is going to sound weird to some people, but I would love to play a psychotic character. Like a serial killer kind of a movie, where at the end you discover that my character was the serial killer. Something like that. I would love to do a proper love story. I’m playing a karate girl in one of my upcoming projects, so action is kind of ticked from my list. So right now, I’m looking into romance and a grey character. 

  Who would you love to work with? 

 The first person that always comes into my head is Shah Rukh Khan. I have been manifesting working with him and will continue doing it till the last day of my life. (Laughs) Even if I get to meet him some day, I’ll be dead. Also, Babil Khan is an amazing actor. So, it would be really amazing if I get to share a screen with him someday.  

Lead inset Celesti Bairagey in Udti Ka Naam Raajo 0041
Bairagey in Udti Ka Naam Rajjo

How much do your fans mean to you? 

 I love my fans. Every day I open my Instagram account and see people making edits. They write kind things, draw pictures and motivate me. Even though it’s been a year since Rajjo stopped airing, but it still gets so much love. It is so overwhelming. I love my fans. I would never be able to express in words how much I love them. But yes, a big warm hug to all my family. Tell us something about you that not many people know. I can speak in six different languages. I love learning and speaking different languages. That’s the thing not many people know about me.   

What inspires you?  

My family really inspires me. Whether I play a small role in a music video or a lead role in a series, they get very happy and overwhelmed by it. Seeing their happiness and pride in my achievements inspires me a lot. I want to see them happy in life and would do anything to make them smile. 

 Can you share a memorable family moment?  

One day my dad was looking at one of my interviews on TV and was in tears, with a beautiful smile on his face. That was the day I felt like, oh my god, I want this in my life, I want to keep doing this for them. So that keeps inspiring me and pushing me forward to work harder. Why do you love being an actress? I have a long list of why I love being an actress. I’m driven by love I get from people. Being recognised as my characters Rajjo, Tara and now Ojas is just a beautiful feeling. People communicate with me like I am their friend because of it.  

How does that make you feel?  

Knowing that my work affects people so positively has made me fall in love with the acting profession. Creating these characters on set with a great team, including directors and writers, is so satisfying. That makes me feel happy and grateful every single day. 

 Also, as an actor you get to live a lot of lives and explore so many emotions. You get to learn new things from every set, character, and person you work with. You become a lot calmer and more aware of yourself. That satisfaction I get at the end of each working day is out of this world. It’s a beautiful feeling. 

 Instagram: @celesti.bair 

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